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GENeric Enterprise Spatial Information Services (GENESIS) is the Government of Alberta’s enterprise geospatial-service technology platform. GENESIS is used to host GIS web and geodatabase services for our government partners using a highly customized implementation of ESRI ArcGIS for Server and ArcSDE enterprise geodatabase technologies. These services can be leveraged to geospatially enable business applications, to present geospatial data in the form of interactive maps, or to securely stream geospatial data directly to or from other applications over the internet.

GENESIS is the core component powering many internal and public-facing applications on behalf of several Alberta Government Ministries including Environment and Parks, Agriculture and Forestry, Municipal Affairs, Culture and Tourism, and others.

While most users of GENESIS do so seemlessly through Government or third-party web applications, GENESIS also provides direct public access to many web services. Content can be accessed using GIS software clients such ArcGIS for Desktop, AutoCad, or QGIS; or by software developers working with ESRI web APIs or other common web technologies.

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GENESIS platform will be replaced by the new Alberta Geospatial Services Platform (AGSP) near the spring of 2022.