About the GENESIS Development Environment

As an application or service developer, it is important to understand the appropriate use of the GENESIS Development environments.

To summarize:

The use of the GENESIS Development ArcGIS Server should be limited to the development and testing of services destined for publication in the GENESIS Production ArcGIS Server. It is NOT for hosting services that are consumed by applications that are under development, unless the services themselves are still under development.

Similarly, use of the GENESIS Development Enterprise Geodatabase Server should be limited to the development and testing of new data models, geodatabase functionality, or data management or editing scripts/automation. It is NOT for hosting data that is consumed by applications or services that are under development, unless the data is manipulated by those applications or services and must be isolated from the production data.

ArcGIS Server services that are no longer under active development should be removed from the GENESIS Development ArcGIS Server to conserve resources. Similarly, EGDB data that is no longer needed for active development should be removed form the GENESIS Development Enterprise Geodatabase Server.

Development ArcGIS Server URLs

The URL to be used with the development ArcGIS Server differs depending on whether you are connecting to publish services, or connecting to use the services in an application.:

 Some Best-Practices/Common-Courtesies

  • Don’t link to services using the hostname, instead use the mapsdev.gov.ab.ca URLs provided above. This is important for several reasons, not the least of which is that it is how production works.
  • This development environment is not for use in UAT or Production applications, ever.
  • Don’t expect any services you publish to remain there forever, nor that they will necessarily be running all the time. If you need something to stay running perpetually, it should be published in GENESIS.
  • Remember, as noted above that this is an environment for development of services, not an environment for services supporting development applications. There is a difference – You are expected to publish your services in GENESIS for use in applications once the service is sorted out, regardless of whether the application is in Dev, Test, UAT, Prod, etc.
  • Don’t publish a service and create locks on data that prevents the data owners from updating it. Either set the service to prevent schema locking, or delete it when you are finished testing. If we get complaints of services locking data coming from this server we’ll remove them.
  • Clean up services as soon as you don’t need them anymore. At a very minimum, set the minimum instances to 0 so that they aren’t taking up memory when not in use.
  • Permissions are currently set up not to grant any access to the system outside of the publishers – meaning only publishers and administrators can view all services. If you need to have a service account or computer account get access to services, let us know.
  • Please don’t build map caches on this machine without consulting with us.
  • Geoprocessing services should be developed to have a “test mode” where a Boolean input, defaulting to False when not provided, can be used to execute the task successfully with valid outputs and no unintended changes being made to back-end systems, such as data edits.
  • Last but not least, remember that this is a shared environment and to be cognizant of the others using it!

Last updated: December 19, 2019