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AlbertaWatersheds-Layers/20140619 (MapServer)

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Service Description: This service has been prepared Enterprise GIS team on behalf of the Water Policy Branch, Policy Division.

Map Name: Alberta Watersheds 2011 (GoA)


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Layers: Description: The Water Survey of Canada Regions and Watersheds of Alberta is a digital spatial database depicting various classification levels of watersheds and drainage basins within the province of Alberta as interpreted by Alberta Environment. The base unit of mapping is the Water Survey of Canada region, which is an administrative designation (system) based on catchment areas. There are 132 WSC regions defined within Alberta; each is classified with a "00ZZ" alpha-numerical coding system. These units have been grouped into 4 major levels of drainage basin classification: Major Sub-watersheds; Watersheds of Alberta; Major Basins (2 versions); and Continental Drainage (2 versions). The data represents an accumulated 20 to 25 years of project work of the Hydrology Branch which also held the mandate to determine watersheds and watershed boundaries within the Government of Alberta. Boundaries were delineated and refined over time using 1:50,000 NTS topographic maps and some air photography of various scales.

Copyright Text: Copyright Government of Alberta

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