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Service Description: The Alberta Merged Wetlands Inventory is used to identify and describe the current coverage of wetlands within Alberta to the level of the five major Canadian Wetland Classification System classes. This information is used to evaluate the status of wetlands at a regional level. The wetland inventory dataset is not intended to replace site specific or local information to describe wetland type, area and location. This dataset is produced for the Government of Alberta and is available to the general public. Please consult the Distribution Information of this metadata for the appropriate contact to acquire this dataset. Note that the Alberta Merged Wetland Inventory product replaces the previously released Alberta Canadian Wetland Classification System (CWCS) Merged Wetland Inventory data from November 6, 2013 and the Alberta Merged Wetland Inventory July 15, 2014. The Alberta Merged Wetland Inventory depicts wetlands within the province of Alberta, Canada for the period 1998 to 2015 classified to the five major classes in the Canadian Wetland Classification System (CWCS). These five major classes include bog, fen, marsh, swamp and shallow open water. For the purposes of this inventory, shallow open water includes all open water. The Alberta Merged Wetland Inventory is a generalized, merged product of 32 component wetland inventories that utilized different types of source data from different years, different data capture specifications and different classifications. Considerable variation in the level of detail and accuracy is present in this dataset. Accuracy assessments have been included where available but it should be noted that the geoprocessing applied to the data may have introduced additional error. All of the polygons have been assigned both a CWCS class and an extent. The extent identifies the component wetland inventory project area. At the present time, wetland data are not available for the entire province. There are data gaps along the eastern slopes and in Wood Buffalo National Park. An overedge exists along portions of the provincial boundary. There are three classification systems utilized by the 32 component inventories. These include: 1) Ducks Unlimited Canada (DUC)-Boreal Enhanced Wetland Classification System (EWC): Landsat 5 and 7 ETM+ and Landsat 8 OLI imagery were used to capture and classify wetlands to DUC's EWC system (up to 19 detailed wetland classes). The hierarchical classification system contains a class level, analogous to the CWCS class level, which is subdivided into the EWC minor level. The EWC minor level contains information on the dominant vegetation (i.e. graminoid/shrubby/treed). An accuracy assessment derived from field sites is available for all inventory projects. The minimum mapping unit of the inventory is 0.09 ha. The original data that were captured at the detailed mapping level are distributed by Ducks Unlimited Canada. 2) SPOT (Systeme Pour l'Observation de la Terre) Grassland Vegetation Inventory (GVI) Lentic Classification: SPOT 4 and 5 MSS imagery was used to capture and classify wetlands to Alberta Environment and Parks GVI standard. The GVI classifies lentic wetlands using a modified Stewart and Kantrud approach that identifies wetlands based on site types and permanence. The SPOT-GVI lentic wetlands were reclassified to the five classes associated with the CWCS major level. The minimum mapping unit of the inventory is 0.04 ha. 3) High-Resolution: Stereo models of various scales were used to capture and classify wetlands to a minimum mapping unit of 0.02 ha and 0.1 ha. These wetland data were either crosswalked or captured directly into the National Wetlands Data Model, Alpha Edition 2010. As such, the base data is compliant with the Canadian Wetland Inventory (CWI) standard. The CWI attributes were generalized to include five classes of the CWCS major level, the remaining CWI attributes were excluded from the Merged Alberta Wetland Inventory. There are two associated feature classes: the Alberta Merged Wetland Inventory Status and the Alberta Merged Wetland Inventory Index. The extent of the wetland inventory is captured as the Alberta Merged Wetland Inventory Index feature class and information on the component wetland inventories is described for each project area within the Alberta Merged Wetland Inventory Status feature class. The funding partners for the component inventories include: Ducks Unlimited Canada; Ducks Unlimited Inc.; Government of Alberta (Environment and Parks); United States Forest Service (USFS); United States Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS); North American Waterfowl Conservation Act (NAWCA); The PEW Charitable Trusts; Canadian Boreal Initiative; Alberta-Pacific Forest Products Inc. (ALPAC); Environment Canada; Canadian Space Agency; Lakeland Industry and Community Association (LICA); Imperial Oil Resources; Shell Canada; Suncor Energy Foundation; Weyerhaeuser Company Limited; and Encana Corporation. Data Use Limitations General Public: This digital data is protected under copyright to the Government of Alberta with all rights reserved and is subject to the conditions outlined in the Informatics Branch License Agreement for Digital Data. Government of Alberta Ministries: Government of Alberta Ministries and authorized agencies may conditionally use this data for internal business purposes which includes conditional sharing of the data with other third parties (i.e. contractors, stakeholders) if necessary for reasonable use of the data relating to the provision of services to the Crown as represented by each Ministry.

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Layers: Description: This map service contains the Alberta Merged Wetlands Inventory created to identify and describe the current coverage of wetlands within Alberta and is represented by three (3) groups of layers 1) Alberta Merged Wetland Inventory Index which depicts the extent of the current coverage of wetlands within Alberta at the regional and provincial scales using the best available information, represented with an outline layer and outline with a fill area layer. 2) Alberta Merged Wetland Inventory Class containing a variety of wetland inventories completed in Alberta which has been classified according to the Canadian Wetland Classification System which identifies five types of wetlands, represented by an outline with a patterned fill area for each classification. 3) Alberta Merged Wetland Inventory Status which captures the information regarding the source information and processing for each of the 32 component inventories that were used to create the Alberta Merged Wetland Inventory, represented by a label layer by status with symbology according to visible scale starting at 1:6 933 486, an outline layers with symbology according to visible scale and an outline with a fill area with symbology according to visible scale.

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