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Generate KML (Military_Base_and_Training_Ground/20190619)

Document Name:
    DND Air Weapons Range Label(0)
    DND Military Base Label(1)
    DND Air Weapons Range Outline 1:27,733,946 to 1:433,343(2)
    DND Air Weapons Range Outline 1:433,342 to 1:27,084(3)
    DND Air Weapons Range Outline Not Visible Beyond 1:27,083(4)
    DND Air Weapons Range 1:27,733,946 to 1:433,343(5)
    DND Air Weapons Range 1:433,342 to 1:27,084(6)
    DND Air Weapons Range Not Visible Beyond 1:27,083(7)
    DND Military Base Outline 1:27,733,946 to 1:433,343(8)
    DND Military Base Outline 1:433,342 to 1:27,084(9)
    DND Military Base Outline Not Visible Beyond 1:27,083(10)
    DND Military Base 1:27,733,946 to 1:433,343(11)
    DND Military Base 1:433,342 to 1:27,084(12)
    DND Military Base Not Visible Beyond 1:27,083(13)
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